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The main objective of the proposal is to design a pavilion in front of Mies Van Der Rohe Pavilion that can be an extension to the pavilion and to be a host for the audience in any ceremony.
Concept Philosophy: Looking into Mies Van Der Rohe Pavilion’s Location the pavilion is contradictory designed” asymmetrical” according to the surroundings which are symmetrically designed: the National Museum, Montjuïc Plaza, the Fountain… The proposal is being part of the system not breaking it along with the compatible rhythm and completely is contradictory with Mies Pavilion. 

With my proposal, the main idea is to keep Mies Pavilion dominant as it’s in the area and designed an extended pavilion which you can see through it “not disturbing the view to Mies Pavilion”, and can be a nice sitting area when you have a show or ceremony with a lot of people.

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